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Patient dosimeters are provided to sites in the form of kits. Each kit contains two OSL dosimeters and a data form for patient and procedure information. The dosimeters are placed on the patient during a procedure. After exposure, the dosimeters along with the patient and procedure data are placed in the provided mailer and returned to PDS for analysis.

The results are provided to the site for use by radiation protocol committees, physicists and managers. The results are provided to the site by email in a PDF report format as well as a comma separated variable (csv) format so that sites can manage their own data and generate their own reports if desired. Commercial programs such as MS Excel© or MS Access© can easily import the comma separated variable files for analysis.

This service can assist your facility in complying with state regulations for radiation protocol committee review and documentation, the American College of Radiology Technical Standards for CT and Fluoroscopy and Joint Commission dose monitoring requirements.


Individual dosimetry kits are priced at $40.00/kit.
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How to Order

Orders can be placed by calling 915-422-3252 or by printing the attached form and emailing it or faxing it to PDS.